Friday, June 15, 2012

Curly Hair Problem #505

My hair is curly (hencd the title) all my life I fought my curly hair, didn't want it. I would brush it out, leave it stringy, or the pony tale phase, can't forget that! As I grew up I learned how to manage my curls and I love them but us curly haired girls have some maijor problems! (I know you feel me!)
I am TERRIFYED of getting mg hair cut. No joke. I pinky promise! Having someone else touch my hair alone freaks me out, what straight hair people don't understand is when you touch our curls (the natural ones not the fake curled ones) they frizz. The more you touch our girls the quicker our head turns into a bush. I get a stomach ache over getting my hair cut and hate going by myself (Yes, it's true.) Don't get me wrong my stylist is wonderful! But one wrong cut, a half inch too short and BAM you could look like a poodle.

Getting your haircut to most people is a pleaser, me, I put it off as long as possible! (Get it, "long")

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