Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Monday!

The weekend is over...

Another week has begun...

Woke up this morning and I was like...

Life of a student 

Who's with me! 

Hope you guys have a great Monday, and just remember Friday is only 4 days away! 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Away From Home

Hello college! Hello late nights, early mornings, and Starbucks.

I can finally say after a month or so I am now all settled in to my apartment at school! (yippie)

So I figured sharing pictures of how my roomies decorate and organized the place would be in order!

Starting in the living room:

We live on the third floor, our balcony faces the club house/pool

That L-Couch is so comfy 

My roomie Frankie brought this table, isn't it adorable!
The Kitchen: 
Our kitchen. Look how clean!
 Bathroom #1:

This is Jessie & Lexi's bathroom
 Bathroom #2:

Frankie and I share this bathroom connected to our room

Ever girl needs her beauty supplies
 My Bedroom:

I always wanted a walk-in-closet!

Our room!

This is my bed and my DIY frame.

More clothes are in this (hehe)

I did not take a picture of Jessie & Lexi's room because they were cleaning it, but their room is also adorable!

God has truly blessed me with amazing roommates this year and I love coming home to them at the end of a long day. The three of them bring a smile quickly to my face! 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wishes Do Come True

"Star light star bright, first star I see tonight..."

Can I just say that I love Disney. It has a special place in my heart, and since August 30th 2013, it has an even more special place in my heart.

*drum roll* I am now a bride to be! (insert squeal)  

Chris and I met my parents in Disney World to help my Mom with an event she coordinates, we spent nine days in the most magical place on Earth and let me tell you it was magical!

The firsts day in Magic Kingdom was spent showing Chris all the magical attractions and shows and later that evening Chris had it arranged to take me to Cinderella's castle for dinner. Which was simply delicious!  After dinner we met up with my parents, aunt, and little cousin to watch the Wishes Fireworks show in front of the castle.

(Note: It's hot and humid.)

While waiting for the fireworks to begin I  will admit I was becoming agitated with the heat and the extremely tall person who decided to stand right in front of me. Remember I am only 5ft! But once the show started I was zoned in to the presentation.

The following is the conversation Chris and I had during the firework show...

Chris: "Hey Stephanie I have to ask you a question."
Me: "What?"
Chris: *gets down on one knee* "Will you marry me?"
Me: "Are you serious!?"

Yes he was serious!! It was perfect every aspect of the moment! My Mom snapped photo after photo, my Dad's eyes were watery, my aunt and little cousin were bursting with smiles, it is by far my new favorite memory. I am so blessed to be able to plan my future with Chris and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in this next chapter of our lives.

In short my blogs are now going to have a lot more to share with the planning process, and all the new and exciting things that are on the brink of happening! 

 "...a world of wishes,
A world where dreams come true.
So make a wish, see it through.
Dare to do what dreamers do..

I am simply bursting with joy to share all the excitement with y'all! 


**Pictures will be posted later due to copy right issues. (aka we don't want them stolen so we have to get them set up properly)