Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where Did The Time Go?

I graduated last night!

Two years ago I would have never imagined I would be packing up and moving 8 hours away from the only place I've ever lived.

I also would have never imagined I would be graduating with an associates degree.

Nor would I have guessed that in 72 days I will be marrying my prince charming and heading off to the most magical place on Earth.

God does some pretty amazing things when you let go of your plans, and let Him show you His plans.

I've had some crazy adventures these past two years, and I've met some crazy people who I now call friends. Although these two years have challenged me like no other, I'm glad I never quit. Working every other weekend on massive events, doing homework, and finding time for friend friends, and work all add up and it can become frustrating and stressful. In the end I would have hated myself for giving up, God gives strength to those who ask for it and I could not have made it without His help.

I'm going to miss this season of my life in some ways and some things I will not miss one bit, but that's life and I'm okay with that.

I will miss my three beautiful roommates! Lexi, Jess, and Frankie, you all are completely insane and I loved every minute of our year together. We may never live together again but we've made enough memories in one year to last us a life time of smiles.

My old roommate Cara, you're my boo and that's all I need to say.

My family deserve a shout out they are the ones who have encouraged me the most and cheered me on to the finish line, and I love each of them dearly.

Thank you to everyone else who encouraged me during this season and for those who never gave up on me, you people are amazing and I couldn't have asked for better friends!

 And last but not least, a huge thank you to my fiance Chris! I could not have done this without your constant encouragement and love! 

It's bee been a crazy two years but I wouldn't trade them for anything! Well.... Just kidding! 

I cannot wait to see what God holds for this summer and the up coming chapters in my life.

Stay tuned...


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Life According to Disney's Frozen

 Since Disney came out with the movie Frozen Pinterest has been covered with funny memes based off the movie.

Chris and I love this movie, I confess we sing the duets and when I'm alone I attempt to sing all the parts.

Scrolling through these funny pictures I realized my life can be easily compared to these pictures.

And now...

When the movie first came out I was like....

During the movie I was like "THIS IS ME!!"

The time I texted this...

Every time I open the fridge...

The last month of school...

As you can see I basically can quote Frozen on a daily basis and I do.

Hope this can help brighten your day!


Monday, April 14, 2014

50/50 Hindsight

College is crazy.

That's something I knew but didn't know. Does that make any sense?

The past two years have been a total learning curve and more than what meets the eyes.

Sleep Is Important
Shocker I know but sleep directly effects my grades personally. I realize not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep every night, but it took me a whole year to realize I need those precious 8 hours.

Groceries, Who Knew
Did you know when you don't buy groceries you don't have food? It's true, and when you don't have food you eat junk, which makes you fat and then depressed. Freshman 15, try freshmen 30.

Just Go
You don't have to raise your hand to use the bathroom in college, that was an awkward lesson learned.

What's The Answer?
People cheat the system, and they get away with it. That's still not ok and will cause you problems one day, don't do it.

You Only Get One Shot
Go have fun, you're only in college for a portion of your life make the most out of it, create memories and good ones at that!

Tea or Coffee
Find a drink that wakes you up. It's important for those morning classes.

These college memes are true, I promise.

Write, write, write
That 10 page paper isn't going to write itself, stay on top of your homework and you won't be so stressed when all your professors schedule exams on the same day.

What's Your GPA?
Your GPA gets your free money, that's important. Pay attention to scholarships and apply for them all!

I've learned many more things in college but most of them would make a dull blog post.

What have you learned in this season of life?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You're Such a Catch

Contrary to belief I struggle giving Chris presents. I rack my brain weeks on end before his birthday, or any holiday.

 In the end I always end up making him something homemade to remind him of how amazing he is!

Here's a fun little idea I thought you might enjoy.

Tell someone they're a catch!

We cannot forget the wrapping, it adds a fun touch.

Don't forget homemade gifts will last much longer than a new t-shirt.