Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Away From Home

Hello college! Hello late nights, early mornings, and Starbucks.

I can finally say after a month or so I am now all settled in to my apartment at school! (yippie)

So I figured sharing pictures of how my roomies decorate and organized the place would be in order!

Starting in the living room:

We live on the third floor, our balcony faces the club house/pool

That L-Couch is so comfy 

My roomie Frankie brought this table, isn't it adorable!
The Kitchen: 
Our kitchen. Look how clean!
 Bathroom #1:

This is Jessie & Lexi's bathroom
 Bathroom #2:

Frankie and I share this bathroom connected to our room

Ever girl needs her beauty supplies
 My Bedroom:

I always wanted a walk-in-closet!

Our room!

This is my bed and my DIY frame.

More clothes are in this (hehe)

I did not take a picture of Jessie & Lexi's room because they were cleaning it, but their room is also adorable!

God has truly blessed me with amazing roommates this year and I love coming home to them at the end of a long day. The three of them bring a smile quickly to my face! 


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  1. That was more roomy that I thought you would are very Blessed. Now that looks neat and tidy...for how long??? Love your pic frame over your bed - I may copy that one. We are so proud of you and happy for many SMILES!