Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventure Time!

My brother and I live 4 hours apart now that I've moved away to school. And finally a weekend has open for me to drive down and visit him! And boy oh boy has it been an adventure!
Thursday Day One: The drive
Besides the excitement of going to visit my brother i was stoked to make a road-trip all by myself! And I have decided I'm not a fan.
There were some pros:
1) listening to my music as loud as I wanted.
2) Having time to think and pray by myself.
3) driving without commentary.
But we all know with a list of pros a list of cons follow close at hand.
List of cons:
1) Not knowing there were tolls to pay therefore you end up driving through all the toll booths and may be arrested one day.
2) Having your GPS lose signal. Leaving you lost.
3) Getting pulled over and given a warning for speeding. (For the record I was NOT driving reckless, I just like to feel the wind through my hair.. Or something like that.)

As you can see it was a wild ride! Once I made it to OKC the eating began right away! My brother David is a foodie. He works in the food industry and loves eating well. I can now officially say I am spoiled to the taste of expensive food! Visiting my brother consisted of 2-3 mini meals per lunch and diner. Let's just say I'm STILL full! After a taste of the good food my brother and I hit up Dave & Busters which is a giant arcade! 

Friday Day Two: The weight gain
I cannot express to you how much many different foods I tried on Friday. Here are some pictures!

Besides eating David and I also went bowling which I graciously destroyed him at. I also got to enjoy the evening meeting Ali, David's girlfriend, and hanging out with Brad a friend of David and I's. I discovered I like sushi which is something short of a miracle. (After all, fish are friends not food. Right?)

Saturday Day Three: Winning
Did I mention Ali has horses? Well she does and they're all amazing!! 

And yes, I got to ride one. No I did not die! (I know I was excited too!) 

Growing up in the North I was never aloud to have a horse. Though I came up with brilliant plans to house one (keeping it in the garage etc.) my parents never bought into it. Therefore it was awesome to go visit Ali's horses!

On top of riding horses (as if that wasn't cool enough) David and I dominated in a couple rounds of lazer-tag (suit up! HIMYM referece) I have discovered I stink at lazer-tag but I will still claim to be good. (Helps my self esteem) 

Sunday Day Four: The Drive Back
After visiting David's church, we met up with Ali in hipsterville for brunch which was delicious!

 My ride home was much better and the trees flew by at a slower pace! 

I had a phenomenal time visiting my brother and living the night life! Can't wait to see him again in July!

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