Monday, November 4, 2013

Having An Off Day? Try These 10 Things!

We all have those days... the kind where you just want to curl up in bed and sleep till tomorrow. Getting stuck in that kind of funk can mess up not only your day but weeks, and months soon follow. I've compiled a fun little list of 10 things that help me on an off day and I have a feeling they might be able to help you too!

1) Put on a feel good song!
No Adele no Civil Wars I'm talking fun up lifting music! A song that you just want to get up and dance, or maybe a song that just makes you SMILE! Here's a few that put me in a good mood!

2) Change your outfit!
You've worn it all day any way! It's gross it looks the way you feel so you might as well look the way you want to feel! If that means heels and a LBD (little black dress), or jeans and a fresh v-neck, do you! It's time for a costume change ladies!

3) Put some lip gloss on!
Why wouldn't you?

4) Take a tea bath!
Taking a tea bath is relaxing and leaves your skin feeling amazing!

5) Go for a drive on some back road!
There's nothing like driving down an empty road with the windows down and your music blaring

6) Drink something special (not alcohol) tea, coffee, etc!
Make your favorite tea, splurge on a Starbucks you deserve it!

7) Clean up!
If your house/room/apartment is messy go clean it! It's making your crabby anyway! 

8) Read a good book (I recommend the Bible)
Take a breather, enter into a new story or learn something new!

9) Wash your hair!
You'll feel instantly better & refreshed!

10)  Paint your nails!
Go all out! 10 different colors!

Well there you have it! 10 ways to turn your not so good day into one that you can be happy with! Remember you deserve to do something YOU want to do!


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