Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY: Frame Your Flag!

I am not by any means a DIY pro. 
To be honest I didn't know what a DIY was till earlier this year.. thanks to my addiction to Pintrest. 

But I do love going thrift shopping and salvaging. At the beginning of the summer my Mother and I went down to our salvage shop to kill some time. We stumbled upon wooden window frames, which from our constant browsing on Pintrest gave us some wonderful ideas! 

That was almost two months ago.. so I decided to finally do something with one of them. And here's what I did! 

Items Used:
Sewing Pins (I would have rather used push pins but I couldn't find mine and was too impatient to keep searching.)
A flag (I chose the American flag but any flag will work, I know for a fact that the Dixie flag also looks wonderful in the widow frame.)
Norwex Polish Cloth (An amazing cloth that EVERY woman should have)
Luke Bryan's CD "Doing My Thing" (This is necessary for the proper atmosphere.)

First I sanded down the old window frame and then rinsed it off with the hose outside. The glass still had some awful streaks so I washed each section using Norwex as my streak free cleaner. I was done in no time! 

 After my window was all washed and ready I placed my flag backwards onto the frame, lining it up exactly how I wanted it. (Make sure your flag does NOT touch the ground while working with it, this is a sign of disrespect.) 

Once I had everything the way I wanted it I began to fold...

 And pin....

And fold some more....

In the end your flag should like something like this. (or better, that is possible)

Once you are finished it's time to find the perfect place for you frame to call home!

Everyone will think you're so patriotic it will be great! 

That's all folks! 


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