Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Movies!

I would not call this summer "normal" or "typical" far from it! Babysitting for all my little cousins, helping my Mom at work, while preparing for her surgery in August, and getting ready to go back to college is crazy!

But besides all the craziness I have had time to see a few summer flicks and wanted to give a review on how awesome they all are!

Kicked off the summer with the ever so wonder Great Gatsby. A wild drama for sure. Since I read the book in high school I was extremely excited to see this movie recreated. And I must say I was NOT disappointed at all! Love, romance, lies, and murder it's all tied together beautifully. I wouldn't recommend this movie to the younger teens for the simple reason they would not find it enjoyable. Overall great movie, great acting, and I can't wait to see it again!

The second movie of the summer I watched at the drive in with my sweet boyfriend. Monsters University was simply adorable! Besides being hilarious I loved how Disney tied the two movies together and how each character formed into who they are in the original movie Monsters Inc. I am the movie watcher who enjoys guessing what's next and predicting the movies. (this bothers every one who watches movies with me) During this flick though I was completely content just letting the story unfold in front of me! At the end of the movie the lady in the car next to our truck told me that my laughter made the movie better. So obviously it was funny!

 The Lone Ranger staring the famous Johnny Depp got terrible reviews and I simply cannot see why! Walking into the theater I had no idea how funny this movie was going to be! Besides the classic Depp humor, the movie had amazing camera shots and the portrayal of the Indian raids during the time period we phenomenal. This is definitly a movie I would want on my shelf to watch at home!

We live in M'erica! So why not watch a movie on how we kick butt? My boyfriend and I were on the edge of our seats watching White House Down. Tatum and Foxx did a fabulous acting job and getting to see them in a different light then normal was refreshing. Guns, explosions, car chases, and fighting for ones you love, this movie has it all! For sure going to see this again once it hits DVD.

Everyone loves this super bad. Super Dad! Despicable Me 2 was just as precious as number one. I'm normally not a fan of squeals but this one had just as thrilling plot line and even more adorable jokes. Besides watching what was happening on the screen some of the funnier moments happened behind the main characters which is always a funny extra! My Mom and 9 year old cousin also saw this flick with me and I'm sure we laughed louder then any other group!

So as you can see I have had my fair share of watching movies this summer and I'm happy to report that I am in love with each movie and can't wait to watch them all again!


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