Monday, July 22, 2013

Studying, Socializing, and Sleeping Oh My!


Year 2.

23 More days till my Mom has surgery. 

24 More days till I drive back down South.

37 More Days till classes begins.

38 More Days till I leave for Disney.

It's Go Time.

Hello my name is Stephanie and I'm about to go crazy.

Can we all say time crunch?! Because I'm about to hit the ground running!

 This year I will be one of those "upper class-man." That's a scary thought! With this extra pressure added on I now have the responsibility of making sure my roomies and I have all that we need for our apartment. This obviously calls for a trip to IKEA right? Right! Put that on my list of things to do...

IKEA Shopping List
 As you can see above I broke down my month of August for you. My Mom is going in for her Lumpectomy with a Sentinel Node Biopsy. *cue jaw drop* On the 14th of August. Then the very next day my Father, boyfriend, (who is flying up from Arkansas) and I drive 8 hours to school to move me directly into my apartment. Upon many jokes of making my apartment look like a man cave, I have a day and a half  to unpack and set up before the freshman move in that following Saturday. Classes begin on August 28th! AND I leave on August 29th for Disney World! 

Vera Bradley 2014 Student Agenda
Currently I am in the calm before the storm. But I can see it all on the horizon and in Hunter Hayes famous words "I wish I had a storm warning." 


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