Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zumba Time!

How many of you work out?

Ok how many of you claim to work out but really just go once a month to be able to say "I work out."

I am obviously in the second group.

This semester has been crazy insanely busy at school and just now has started to slow down. With extra time to spare I decided to hit the gym again. With full access to a gym I literally have no excuse.  

Monday night at 6:00 I dragged my butt to the gym and warmed up for Zumba class at 6:30.

For the record I did Zumba last year during school but a summer break is a long time.

In short I found two pictures that probably described how I looked during class.


So let's be honest I probably looked ridiculous but here's the thing, I rather look stupid then go on wishing for a better body or more energy.

Friday night I will look ridiculous again. And that's ok because in the end I don't want to end up like the second guy.


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