Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Is A Wild Ride

Can I just brag about my Mom for a bit?

This woman is amazing! About a year ago my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and from that day on all of our lives took an unexpected turn.

I drove home this week from school for my Mom's mastectomy and it blows my mind how calm and collective she was when I arrived.

Praise God for a smooth surgery! After one night in the hospital my Mom was discharged and we have been at home taking it easy!

Watching my Mom process the fact that she has cancer and deciding to beat it is something I will never forget. I was convinced my Mom was the strongest woman I knew even before this sharp turn occurred, and now I have no idea how she does it! Through my Mom God has taught me many things, how to love, who to love, how to listen, how to give advice, and how to be strong. I would never, and could never ask for a better woman to raise me!


Thank you to everyone for your constant prayers and thoughts! I'm excited to announce that the day before I left to return to school my Mom was diagnosed cancer free! Tears came to my eyes as we left the hospital that day, My Mom no longer has cancer and I praise God every day!

Although the surgery is over, and the results are looking good, there is still a long journey ahead!

If you have gone through, or know someone who has been through breast cancer share your journey with us!


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