Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentines Day: DIY

Love is in the water... or air... or not... either way Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and for those of us who have significant others this can become a stressful gift giving event.

Although society paints us a picture that this special day is for the men to wine and dine the women we simply cannot leave the men out! They deserve some lovin' too! 

Being a full time college student and a full time engaged couple Chris and I are on a tight budget, like many couples, this doesn't mean that your gifts cannot be a smashing success!

Here are 6 DIY Valentine's Day gifts that will woo your man!

1) A homemade mug! 

All you need is a mug, an oven, and sharpies!
Set your oven to 350 degrees.
After you have designed the perfect mug bake it for 30 minuets and you're done!

2) A Jar Of Reasons Why...

For this lovely gift you will need a bag of suckers and a jar!
First you must decide what you want to give reasons for... (i.e. reasons why you're awesome)
Next write a reason for each sucker that you can fit into the jar.
Add some cute decorations and a touch of you!
And bam! You're done!

3)  A More Thought Provoking Gift

Giving a book to your man that you both can learn from is a unique and fun idea!
Choose a book that reflects your relationship and the stage in your relationship is in!

4) The Classic Coupon Book

You may find it cheesy but some guys love cheesy!
Make a coupon book geared just for your man and his needs!
DO NOT FORGET: To put an expiration date on each coupon. 

5) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Pictures bring back so many memories and will always be timeless. Make a collage of memories that were captured then frame them for a lovely gift.
You can make a picture college and print it for a very reasonable cost on Walmart online.

6) Mix It Up

Last but not least, a mix CD!
Create the perfect playlist of songs that will bring a smile to his face. Add songs that you two laugh about, and cry about, songs that bring back memories and good times. Don't forget to add that song you played on repeat once you realized you loved him.

There you have it! Six DIY gift ideas for Valentine's Day! I hope these have inspired you to spoil your man a little extra on Valentine's Day!

If you needs some more hints or tips on making your man feel special you can check out my other blog post!

Have a happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Chris is a lucky guy to have received all of these special Valentine gifts! :)