Friday, January 10, 2014

The Last First Day

This week I experienced my last first day of college before I graduate with my associates degree!

It's such an amazing feeling to know that on April 29th I'm going to receive my associates degree in leadership and arts! (Insert sequel here)

I have never known two years of my life to fly by so quickly!

It seems like just last week when I packed up all my stuff to move to school within five days. God certainly had a plan when he sent me off to college, I've learned so many lessons and made some incredible friendships. 

Cara and I the first week of college last year.

Cara and I on our last first day of college before we graduate in April.

There's this incredible feeling that bubbles up inside of me thinking of all the new doors and possibilities ahead of me.

Graduation, wedding plans, moving, there's so much running through my mind and I can't simply sort it all out, but it's all simply exciting!  

The Count Down
109 Days till graduation
183 Days till I marry my best friend


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