Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Every woman likes to feel special.

We crave that feeling, but how often do we make our man feel special? 

They deserve that feeling too! They deserve to be the center of attention!

If your poor like me, (can I get an amen?) you can't simply go out and buy your man a brand new four wheeler or Rolex. BUT we can go out of our way in some more creative ways.

1) Brag about him
Nothing makes someone feel better than being reaffirmed with words. Post a status about him, give him a shout out on Twitter, or post your new favorite picture of him on Instagram. Tell you girlfriends why he is simply the best! Believe it or not you can even brag about him while he's listening, it's completely ok!

2) Make him a book
Making something homemade is always one of my "go to" ideas. Creating personal little books of memories and inside jokes will always bring a smile. Some easy ideas you could use are an "ABC book of our love" or a "52 Reasons why I love you." Pintrest is full of simple and thoughtful DIY that your man will love!

3) Leave him little notes
They will keep these forever! It doesn't matter if your married, dating for two months, or engaged leaving a note for your man reminds him that you're thinking of him and they need to know that!

4) Kiss him on the forehead
It's innocent and sweet.

5) Surprise him
Ladies you know your man! Give him a surprise that's just for him! If that means YOU ask HIM on a date to the new hit action movie then do it, or you could simply rub his feet after a long day. Go out of your way and do something that he will not be expecting, it will make his day! 

As you can see it doesn't take hundreds of dollars to make your man feel special.

Now go get em' tiger!


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