Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three Down One To Go

It's over! Finals week is over, and yes I've made it out alive.

I can't believe it, my third semester of college is over (and if I do say so myself, I've gotten some pretty good grades.)

Now I simply cannot wait to fly into Chicago within a matter of 48hrs!

In preparation for leaving school I have been listening to the wonderful Alabama Christmas album *my favorite Christmas album of all time*

You haven't heard of it?! *gasp* Let me give you a little taste of Christmas magic for your ears!

 Besides listening to this wonderful Christmas album, I've been packing for my flight home.

I love packing...

You don't get it I love packing. I will pack and unpack my suit case at least a few times before flying, it's like a grown up tetris game.

Although while I am packing and getting ready for break my heart is still with those who have finals still a head of them...

Be strong my friends, be very strong.


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