Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Sew Lace Shorts

Summer is coming! And with a new season comes new clothes. (am I right ladies?) Some of us though (poor college students) don't have the cash to buy a new summer wardrobe. Instead of going out and buying a new pair of jean shorts I decided to work with what I had in my drawers. Taking jeans with holes in them I made these adorable no sew shorts! This project was quick and easy and I love the way they turned out!

Items You Will Need:
*A Pair of Old Jeans/Pants
*Lace (enough to trim both legs)
*Fusible Bonding Web (heavy)
*An Iron
*A Damp Wash Cloth

Step One: Take a pair of  old jeans that you are willing to cut into shorts. Cut your jeans an inch and half longer then you want them to be.

Step Two: Fold the inch and a half of your cut offs up to cover up the frayed ends.

Step Three: Cut a strip of you fusible bonding web long enough to fit the front half of your short leg. Tuck the bonding fuse under your inch fold.

Step Four: Place your damp cloth on the fold of your jeans and press your hot iron. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat for both legs.

Step Five: Turn your newly hemmed shorts inside out. Using the same exact technique we used to hem your cut offs measure and cut your lace and bonding web. Place your lace on top of your bonding web and repeat step four around the entire hem.

And hooray you're done!

After five easy steps your now have a brand new pair of shorts that look store bought! Be prepared for compliments girl because you will look fine in these!

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