Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Big Day Update

Spring break is over! Did you have fun, what did you do?

I can tell you my spring break was the farthest thing from beach and swimsuit weather, it was more like a high of 14. 

Although I was home and it was bitter cold that didn't stop us from braving the cold. 

As soon as my plane landed on Saturday I hit the ground running. With wedding appointments almost every day there was not time for a "break."

Flew into Chicago and ate White Castles. (Region food, gotta love it) 
Rushed to our 3:30pm appointment to seek out decorations for the wedding and ceremony.
Ate pizza with family then tried on my Mom's wedding dress for fun.
Had a sleepover with my nine year old cousin ad watched the classic movie Clue. 

Went to church and heard my favorite speaker (my Dad)
David's Bridal appointment for junior bridesmaid and flower-girl dresses.

Florist day
First appointment was amazing! 
Second appointment not so amazing.
Third appointment a nightmare.
After taking a lunch break went back and booked the first florist for the wedding! 

Fat Tuesday! 
Visited grandmother and enjoyed packzi in honor of Fat Tuesday.
Finished up registering with my Mom.
Coffee with friends.

Cake day
First appointment yummy.
Second appointment average.
Lunch break delicious.
Third appointment FABULOUS! Booked cake for reception.
Trip to the hospital with Mom and Dad for plating for radiation starting on Thursday.

Radiation appointment at the hospital for Mom.
Flower girl dress shopping with a successful ending! 

Radiation appointment at the hospital for Mom.
Meeting with wedding coordinator to wrap up the week. 
Back to registering because it didn't update on line.

Finish packing and fly back to school.

As you can see my spring break was crazy, and I wouldn't have changed one thing about it. Now it's back to the grind of things!

Days Till The Wedding: 115


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