Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Work It Out, Work It Out

"I work out..." 

No seriously, I work out, and I happen to get my blog inspiration while I work out. A few months ago I really hit the gym hard with a mind set of determination. I want to look the best I can on my wedding day but that's not the main reason I want to workout. 

The way I see it, is that God only gave me one body so I might as well start taking care of it the best I can! 

With all that said I've noticed some changes within my own body after working out 6 days a week for a few months straight and I wanted to share some helpful tips and workout plans that I've been putting to action.

1) Workout when you can, and for as long as you can.
Your workout schedule is your own. You cannot compare how long your at the gym to anyone else, and you cannot make your life fit into anyone else's schedule. Make your own schedule, and make it fun! 

2) Sleep.
Manage your sleep patters, and stick to it! If that means going to bed early in order to wake up at 5am do it! Trust me you won't regret it! 

3) It's Not Just About Working Out.
You can't just work out and then eat fast food every day. It's important to create a balance, eat right and exercise. You will notice your energy levels will be higher and you will feel better about yourself!

I'm so excited to share some more tips and workout plans that I've found helpful with you!

How often do you workout? Got any tips?


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