Tuesday, June 11, 2013

7 Months and Counting

Today Chris and I are celebrating 7 months together! Being 10 hours away from each other is always a little hard. While at work today Chris managed to make my day even from 10 hours away!

As I was settling down a group of hyper grade school kids for lunch the strangest thing happened. A pizza delivery guy walks into the room, looking confused as ever, asking for a Stephanie. "That's me" I spoke up really confused. The delivery guy proceeded to explain that I needed to sign his form and the pizza had already been paid for. That's when it hit me! Chris had ordered me a pizza and delivered it to my work! Could he be any more amazing?!

A few minuets later another confused deliver guy walked through the doors, this time with a vase full of summer flowers. The children's voices echoed through the room "Your boyfriend is the best!" You should buy him a car!" "You should keep him!" And the occasional "EWWWWW!"

Flowers and pizza, Chris sure knows the way to my heart!

Happy 7 months Chris! And thank you so much, I can't wait to be together again!


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