Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello there!
Let me tell you about my new website addiction. You might have already heard about, quite frankly I'm a tortoise when it comes to social media.

Etsy! There I said it! Buying one of a kind items online, waiting for them to come in. I'm addicted!
My most recent purchase is three pairs of hair bows!

One is camo, (because that's my boyfriends favorite color) the second is pink and white floral, and last but not least an American flag bow! (because everyone should have one.)

The store I bought the bows from (TitasHidingPlace) shipped them to me within a week of ordering and I was anything BUT patient. It was almost as bad as waiting for a letter from my boyfriend who lives 10 hours away!

Alas it was worth the wait! I simply cannot wait to wear them! (if I wore all three at once is that acceptable?)

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