Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blog Everyday In June/ My Favorite Picture I've Taken #15

I'm NOT a photographer to say the least. My cellphone camera is normally good enough for me. That does not mean that I don't appreciate it or would love to get better at it!

Looking back on the photos I've taken this year this is one that stands out. And that's a picture of Tuesday in Arkansas!

This picture was taken directly after my boyfriend shot a deer. We climbed up to where the poor thing dropped and from there I took this photo. (The deer lays at our feet)
I love the beauty of Arkansas so muchs editing this picture seemed pointless.
I hope you enjoy the picture because I sure do!


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  1. Blog Every Day in June kinda fell apart, huh? Get back on the horse, girlie! I need a picture fix. Yes, I do!